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Way back when, the original Watts Bridge website went to air in mid-2003 and at that time the internet was so very different to what we have today. There were no smart phones or tablets. Just desktops and big heavy laptops. Screen sizes were limited to 640 x 480 pixels or 800 x 600 pixels which were the standards of the day. Connection to the network was via dial-up with ADSL just starting to appear, meaning that images had to be kept small and sparse to keep download times reasonable.

In 2013 a major upgrade of the website was undertaken which addressed many of the issues created by larger screens and there was a relaxation on the image limits which had been imposed by low bandwidth connections. However: The reality is that this was soon to be seen as a band-aid solution.

The explosion of mobile communications, be it smart-phones or tablets meant that more and more viewers were accessing the internet on devices other than conventional computers. On smart phones in particular the existing website was difficult to use, both visually and navigation wise.

In mid-2019, following a thorough review of the then current Watts Bridge website, the daunting decision was made to undertake a complete redesign of the site, using the most current page design tools available. The review highlighted that much of the historical content was worthy of preservation, but would not be ported to the new site.

So this archive has been created to present the large volume of news items, timely articles, interesting stories, event reviews and club newsletters as they originally appeared.

The material archived on this site includes.......

  • 25+ Fly-in and Major Event Summaries
  • 200+ News Articles and Stories
  • 270+ Homebase Group & WBMA Newsletters, which will be maintained and added to on this site
We are proud to preserve this historical snapshot of some of the the events, activities, development, personalities and trivia that make for a vibrant airfield community.
Please enjoy!!

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