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All-In Fly-In 2012

All pilots and aviation enthusiasts are invited to the Watts Bridge Airfield Open Day, celebrating the rich diversity of all forms of recreational aviation.   Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, situated in the Brisbane Valley is the home base for a wide range of aircraft including Vintage, Aerobatic and Recreational Aircraft as well as Gyroplanes, War Birds and a variety of Homebuilt Aircraft.

Over 100 Aircraft Attended The
All-In Fly-In 2011”

The Fly-In is an all day event with on-field catering and coffee available. Entry is free with no landing fees.

The event builds upon the success of last year when over 100 aircraft attended the All-In Fly-In 2011.

The fly-in is organized by the Home Base Groups as a great day out for pilots and aviation devotees and to promote all forms of recreational aviation.   So mark the 19th May down in your diary as a not to be missed opportunity for some flying fun!

For more information contact:
Richard Faint 0412-317-754  or Liz Cook 0419- 369-963

Predicted MSL and Rainfall Chart for 19th May 2012

 87654321  Today's the Day!!

The countdown to the All-In Fly-In is over and today's the day.
Aviation events are completely at the mercy of the weather, so what better place than The WeatherZone 10 Day Outlook?

Saturday 19th has dawned with the promise of a fine and sunny day with just a few clouds and light winds - making for a great day's flying!!
Weather Update 6:30am : There is a light fog this morning which is not unusual for this time of year. Expect it to have burnt-off by 8:30.

Click the MSL Chart to the right to view full size. Then use your keyboard arrows keys or the arrow buttons on the chart to see prior day predictions for the All-In Fly-In.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is strongly committed to a "Fly Neighbourly" policy ensuring good working relationships with other land owners in the district.

Pilots are requested to download the Fly Neighbourly Chart to be aware of and avoid where operationally possible, noise and over-fly sensitive locations adjacent to the airfield.

Download the Fly Neighbourly Chart.

All-In Fly-In 2011 ~ Video Highlights

What better way to get in the mood for the All-In Fly-In 2012
than to enjoy fantastic video highlights of last year's event?
Produced by Campbell Sharp and Kev Lotz

Aerochutes Over The Airfield

It's not everyday that you see a flock of powered parachutes flying around, so when the South East Queensland Aerochute Group came to Watts for a weekend of camping, family and flying fun, it was a good opportunity to find out more about these enigmatic flying machines and the pilots who fly them.

Rod Ward

Rod Ward carefully maintains the Rotax 503 which powers his Aerochute.

It's immediately obvious that these guys really enjoy their flying, and like pilots the world over have a real commitment to safety, in both the maintenance and operational sense.

All the aircraft were factory built Aerochutes, which are designed and manufactured in Australia.

The parachute is a 15 cell ram air canopy made of rip-stop nylon fabric with an area of 370 sq.ft. The engine is a Rotax 503 coupled to a 3 blade composite propeller. Fuel capacity is 30 Litres, providing up to 2 hours of flight time.

The Empty Weight of an Aerochute is a very respectable 100 Kg with a Max Take Off Weight of 300 Kg, so Aerochutes are quite capable of carrying a pilot, passenger and full fuel.

Aerochutes cruise at 25-30 Knots, climb at 300 ft/min and descend (power off) at 750 ft/min. Take Off and Landing Roll are in the order of 10-15 metres.

Okay - So a 25 Knot cruise speed is not exactly stellar performance by aviation standards. But Rod, Michael and Ross were quick to point out that straight line speed is simply NOT what a powered parachute is all about. Rather, they were quick to point out that powered parachutes are designed to be virtually spin proof and stall resistant. But even that is probably missing the point. The message that came through loud and clear was the simple joy of flying and a sense of freedom and exhilaration for it's own sake. Not going anywhere, not doing anything, just flying!!    Aerochutes, proving yet again that "If It Flies , It's Welcome At Watts Bridge".

Peter Biddle with the Cessna 170A

At The Hangar Door

6th April 2012

Peter Biddle is a relative newcomer to Watts Bridge, having recently purchased an existing hangar and air chalet which his immaculate Cessna 170A now calls home. However Peter has a long time association with vintage aeroplanes, having restored a Tiger Moth while still in his teens and he was one of the three founding members (along with Pat Harrington and Graham Orphan) of the Queensland Vintage Aeroplane Group.

Like most "fly for fun" pilots Peter flies mainly on weekends, but is always more than happy to show you his C170 and talk the aviation talk. So feel free to look him up, at the hangar door.

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