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Red Thunder - 2016

11th - 15th May 2016

The annual gathering of the Watts Bridge Warbirds "RED THUNDER 2016" was held over the period 11th to 15th of May 2016.

The event was a great success facilitating an opportunity for Warbird Operators to socialise and refine piloting skills. Several 'Eastern Block' warbird aircraft take part in these events, and accordingly RED THUNDER 2016 continued its 'Russian Flavour' in both its flying and social activities.

RED THUNDER flying activities facilitate a safe environment for continuation training for both ab-initio and proficiency pilot training in the areas of ;

  • Flour Bombing,
  • Streamer Cutting,
  • Tactical Formation,
  • Max Performance Handling, and
  • Combat Manoeuvring (Flying the Combat Position)

RED THUNDER 2016 centred its flying activities to facilitate the final days competition 'POEHALI' ("Lets Ride !!", YURI GARGARIN 12 April 1961). Several of our female Komrades (Natasha's) attend Red Thunder, and several 'Natasha' activities were enjoyed by the girls including;

  • Natasha's 'Glass House Mountain' aerial tour & Seafood luncheon on the Sunshine Coast,
  • Natasha's Gallery and Antiques crawl - Brisbane Valley (Esk & Fernvale), and
  • Natasha's Spa Day.

Of particular great success was Saturday Night's RED AIR SQUADRON Dinning Inn Night held at the Toogoolawah Hotel. A great time was enjoyed by all and, as at last years event, most found the time to 'dress' for the occasion !!

RED THUNDER 2017 promises to be an even better event, and we would encourage players to contact organiser Gill Vardi on 0412 963 106 for next year's event details, and to register your interest.

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