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All-In Fly-In 2015

30th May 2015

Since the first All-In (which was held in 2010, the) Fly-In has been increasingly well patronized, coming to be known through out S.E. Queensland as the "must attend Pilot's Picnic."
In keeping with the airfield's semi-official slogan, "If It Flies -It's Welcome At Watts Bridge" the fly-in unashamedly aims to attract all manner of aircraft, regardless of size, performance, complexity or mission.

No fewer than 160 aircraft flew in for the day. ”

And so to 2015: Good weather is the key to a good fly-in. Not just on the day itself, but also well prior to the event. Most pilots seem to have decided to attend (or not) by mid-week. This year there was a full two weeks of glorious weather leading up to the big day, though at this time of year there is always a chance of a heavy fog.

Saturday dawned fine with just a few wisps of fog hanging over the Brisbane River. By 7am hangars all over the airfield were opening with local aircraft taxiing to take up the prime spots on the parking area tie-downs. The caterers were busy setting up their BBQ's and food stalls, with Watts Advisory already monitoring a swarm of inbound aircraft.

By mid-morning it was quite evident that this All-In Fly-In was going to surpass the expectations of even the most optimistic aviator. The main aircraft parking area was already full, with the overflow parking areas being called into service by the team of volunteer marshals. Peak attendance was just after midday with no fewer than 130 aircraft parked and on display. Allowing for late arrivals and early departures it's conservatively estimated that no fewer than 160 aircraft flew in for the day.

Most notable was the sheer diversity of aircraft on the flight line. There was no mistaking the fact that the warbirds were back in abundance. They are always absolute crowd pleasers due to their spectacular appearance, copious smoke and the wonderful radial rumble. A large contingent of de Havilland Tiger Moths and other assorted biplanes recalled the bygone golden era of aviation. And then there were the one hundred or so general and recreational aviation aircraft - too numerous to mention individually but proudly on display in the photo gallery below.

But best of all was the unparalleled community support for the event. There were so many people out and about enjoying a wonderful Autumn day, witnessing first hand the positive aspects of sport aviation. The Kilcoy District Chaplaincy did a great job keeping everyone well fed with a delicious range of BBQ meals. In summary it's fair to say that the All-In Fly-In for 2015 was an unqualified success - enjoyed by pilots and public alike!!

Sport Pilot coverage of the All-In Fly-In 2015

The Recreational Aviation Australia's magazine Sport Pilot featured a great four page story with text and photo's by Alan Betteridge.

Photo Gallery

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This year we feature the photographic skills of Daniel Vorbach, Steve Bass Photography, Peter Freeman and Glenda Faint who have generously allowed Watts Bridge to feature their creative work on the website.
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