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The First Flight Of Mal McKenzie's Skyranger Swift   05-02-2013


Mal McKenzie

Our Sky Ranger Swift made its first flight this morning. Conditions were less than ideal with a good southerly wind of 10 to 15 knots with gusts to 20 knots. Skyranger agent, Greg Robertson flew the initial test flights.

Showers were present on the third series of flights and circuits in the afternoon. The dust was washed off the plane by the time it was returned to the hangar. More test flying is planned in the coming weeks.

Thanks should go to all the folk who helped make this project a success. Your help and input was much appreciated over the past eighteen months.

Regards, Mal

Queensland Vintage Aeroplane Group

First Sunday of the Month Open Day

On the first Sunday of each month, QVAG will be holding an open day at the QVAG Clubrooms - Watts Bridge. Members, guests and prospective members are encouraged to attend. You can fly in, drive in, ride a bike or walk in - doesn't matter how you get here. What you will find is a low key event where you can meet in comfort and talk vintage aeroplanes.

What happens on the day depends on who turns up. For example at the February 03rd Open Day it is anticipated that a Go Pro Video Camera will be available for videoing in-flight cockpit scenes.

So that everyone can keep up to date on their activities, QVAG have recently joined the wonderful world of social media with a Facebook Page. By "liking" QVAG you can receive automatic updates on all of the posted Queensland Vintage Aeroplane Group activities. And don't forget to keep a regular eye on the Watts Bridge Events Calendar for all that is up and coming at the airfield.

Australia Day 2013 - A Wild Wet Weekend

Fortunately Watts Bridge Airfield has come through the atrocious wind and rain that has decimated the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales relatively unscathed. There is a lot of standing water and there has been minor damage to some trees on the airfield. No infrastructure, buildings or facilities appear to have been affected.

As of 28th January all roads into the airfield are flooded and the runways are closed for all operations.
The Watts Bridge Website will be updated as the conditions of the roads and runways improve.

Catching Up On Last Year

Volunteer Grants 2012

Last year the Watts Bridge Board of Management made a successful small equipment grant for a new air compressor which will be used in the equipment maintence workshop. Treasurer Cheryl Brown continues, "The funding was made by the Australian Government (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) under Volunteer Grants 2012. The grant of between $1000 and $5000 is provided to support volunteers involved with Australian not-for-profit organisations whose work directly benefits Australian families and communities."

Catching Up On Last Year

Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club Signage

And to round out 2012 Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club finally got their signage erected at the Watts Bridge main entrance. Peter Freeman and Richard Faint officiating.

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