The All-In Fly-In 2012 Poster

All-In Fly-In 2012

19th May 2012

We all had a great day out and so did the pilots and passengers of the 135+ aircraft that made the trek to Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield for the annual All-In Fly-In. The weather leading up to the event made the decision to go really easy - over two weeks of lovely sunny autumn days with almost no wind.

A light fog greeted the dawning day, not unusual for this time of year. But as the fog burnt off the arrivals began. First one, then two. Then up to six aircraft in circuit all at the same time. Upon arrival the ground marshals saw to it that everyone was parked quickly and efficiently without hint of bother or drama. Throughout the morning the main parking area was quickly filled with the secondary parking area beside the windsock being brought into action. And it filled too!!

As per usual the Esk community group "Beyond Limits" and the airfield homebase groups did a magnificent job with the catering keeping everybody well fed and content. It's a pretty fair bet that there will be an All-In Fly-In 2013 - so check the website for this and other great aviation events to be conducted at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield.

This photograph was taken around about midday and shows 105 aircraft on the ground. There are already several gaps in the lines of aircraft due to early departures. And then there were the late arrivals, still winging their way in. Certainly no one could remember having this many aircraft all parked on the airfield at same time. It certainly makes for some great plane spotting!

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