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Gathering Of Eagles 2011

17th September 2011

The Watts Bridge Leaseholders banded together to organize a really low-key fly-in celebrating The Freedom Of Flight - The Gathering Of Eagles.

Now: Staging a fly-in is a really chancy affair. You do all the work, do the promotion, get everything and everyone organized, then just pray like crazy that the weather will cooperate. And on this occasion it really did.

Saturday dawned with not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, the local farmers decided en-masse that today was the day to do controlled burn-offs, in anticipation of good spring rains and improving their pastures. The familiar blue/green slopes of Mt Brisbane to the east of the field were reduced to a mere brown silhouette seen through the smoke haze.

Nonetheless - More than 50 pilots got themselves and their airplanes in the sky and made the trek to Watts. When they arrived all the usual fare was on offer - QUA for drinks, the "Esk Church Ladies" with the hamburgers and the Aerobatics Club for tea and scones.

Here's the interesting thing..... Over the last 3 or 4 years there have been perhaps 10 or so organized fly-ins at Watts.

You'd think that by now pretty much every aircraft in the area has been on show at one time or another. And yet there were quite a few aircraft on the Gathering Of Eagles flight-line that have not been seen at the airfield on previous occasions. Makes you wonder just how many different aircraft there would be if you could get them all in the same place at the same time.

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